Pledge Issues
Character Education

A Patriotic Activity for Every Student

It is a sad day in America when every child cannot join in a unified expression of patriotism,
cannot stand with pride and declare, "I, too, am an American."

In school districts across the nation, thousands of patriotic students are not only deprived of the opportunity to express and develop their patriotism, but are actively discouraged in their patriotism.

The standard options of remaining silent or waiting outside the classroom do not solve the blatant discrimination and hurtful exclusion in the current practice.

To correct this injustice, we are asking that a patriotic alternative be afforded to every child who, for reasons of conscience, must otherwise abstain from daily participation in the Pledge of Allegiance.

It is through group participation with our community that we feel our bonds to our country. Patriotism is not something that can be taught only at home.

- We are not asking that "under God" be removed from the Pledge.
- We are not asking that the Pledge be removed from the school.
- We are asking that a patriotic exercise be afforded to every child.